The Team

Over the last 15 years, Jacqui DePas has developed relationships with photographers in all areas of focus.  Cultivating relationships these relationships with individuals that are not only talented but are truly good people.  This is the corner stone to this team.  A team of photographers that are not only extremely talented and gifted with a camera, but people that passionately care about their clients, their craft, and the memories they document.  It took years for this team to come together and they will be together for years to come.  

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Jacqui DePas

Jacqui Depas is a second generation photographer with over 18 years experience in her photographic craft.

Attending Hofstra University, Jacqui studied the art of photography and returned to Washington D. C. area. Early in her career, Jacqui interned under several top D.C. and NYC photographers and began developing her own unique signature style.

As a professional, boutique photographer, Jacqui has over 1000 Weddings, Mitzvahs and social events to her credit. She also has branched out into Corporate, Food and Boudoir in the past 7 years.

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Paul and Jacqui have worked together for over 15 years. Paul is an original Washingtonian….yes, they actually do exist! Paul has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts Photography. He first fell in love with photography while shooting weddings for a photographer who broke his collarbone and asked Paul to assist him by carrying his equipment and bags. Shortly after, Paul began to work for Monte Zucker and Clay Blackmore, two world-renowned photographers that specialize in portraits. With a creative eye and a candid style, Paul has been setting a standard for photojournalistic photography style for over 20 years.

With the soul of an artist and the experience of more than 1500 weddings, Paul’s style combines creative photojournalism with clean compositions. This goal is to tell the story of your wedding day in a timeless and beautiful way.



An incredibly talented photographer that has been working with Jacqui for 4 years. Sergey Kolupaev was born in 1978 in Russia and studied foreign languages and linguistics. Moving to the United States in 2007, Serge started working in the hospitality industry in DC's top hotel. First getting into photography as a hobby it quickly turned professional in 2011. If Serge is not shooting, you can find him in a yoga studio or teaching Russian.



Emma is a published photographer in New York City. Her lifestyle and photojournalism photography captures the energy and love of those she photographs. Her portraits range from family and children to engagement shoots. With a passion for getting an artistic shot, her images are classic and timeless.



Pedro Mena has been a photographer since 1994. Born in Italy and educated in the United States, he has undergone major American corporate and governmental events, as well as weddings and other major social events.

Living in Rio de Janeiro since 2006, Pedro puts in his photographs the high international quality combined with his talent in capturing every detail with emotion.



Jenny's creative eye and candid style has been setting the standard for top quality photography for 20 years. Her interest in photography and film began early, with a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Atlanta. Jenny graduated first in the class with a degree in photography. After 8 years a a photographic technician with the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC, Jenny left to pursue her passion in photography and film privately. She now travels around the world photographing extraordinary special events.