Reality Isn't Pinterest - Part II

Capturing ‘The Perfect’ Day

Every bride and groom envisions their perfect wedding – the clothing, the venue, the food, the flowers, the kiss.  And compiling pictures from magazines and wedding websites help us put together that ideal and can act as a springboard for our imagination to creating a perfect event.  It’s key to remember that a lot of behind the scenes work goes into creating those perfectly beautiful images. Hours are spent ensuring that the lighting is perfect, the guests in the background are properly placed, the bride’s (and the groom’s) hair and makeup are flawless and the background is set to capture that only the happiest, most perfectly placed moments.  Those images are designed to be inspirational, to help you create your own ‘perfect day’.


As a couple, it is important to keep in mind that a lot goes into creating that one “perfect” picture.  So much of your day you can control, but there are many things that cannot be controlled – weather, emotions, illness, and any number of unexpected hiccups that come along.  In the quest to capture that ‘one perfect shot’, a couple shouldn’t lose sight of enjoying their day and embracing reality – and enjoying all the unique things that make the day yours.  Essentially, enjoy your moment and realize that reality should be ‘your perfect’. A little girl imitating a bride, that spontaneous laughter in the moment, an unexpected ‘photobomb’ – all of these are more than a photo, they are a treasured memory, a snapshot in time, a priceless piece of a priceless day.  Above all, they are real, and they are perfect.

Many of those perfect images you see on Pinterest, in magazines and on wedding websites are staged.  By staged, I don’t mean posed. A photographer and/or handler can always help pose the people in the shot.  What I mean by staged is that there are often multiple photographers, lighting people, handlers, makeup artists and scouts that set up that seemingly ‘in the moment’ picture, that perfect snapshot in time.  The shot may or may not even be during the wedding event itself. As I mentioned, weather and lighting can play a huge factor in creating that ‘it’ photo.

That is not to say you won’t get that Pinterest perfect photo – you will – as long as you embrace reality.  A photo you see online or in a magazine will never be exactly like the one your photographer takes for any number of reasons (setting, artistic license, weather), but if you remember that, the photo that is taken will be even more beautiful.

Embracing Reality


One of my favorite pictures highlights how things out of our control can make for the most ‘perfect’, most memorable of moments.  In this image, I had lined up the ideal wedding vows picture when the flower girl decided to drop in and say hello!  This image is one of the couple’s favorites – it inspires them to laugh, to remember family, and to smile. It is a prime example of an imperfect, perfect shot.

And it is those moments, both the perfect and unscripted, captured by your photographer, are what you will remember, what you will cherish, when you look back.  These moments tell the story of not just your day, but of the life you share. And while not all of those pictures will be the perfect posed images of a bridal magazine, what they will be, is your own perfect.

With over 18 years experience, Jacqui DePas lives her personal philosophy – ‘Capture moments while you make memories.”  A second generation social and commercial photographer with offices in McLean, VA and New York, NY, By Jacqui Photography covers the entire range of photography (from commercial real-estate and corporate events to newborn sessions and weddings) with Jacqui DePas's signature artistic touch.  Started in 2000, By Jacqui Photography has grown her team by cultivating relationships with seven creative and talented photographers, offering their clients the best.