Word On The Street

We at By Jacqui don't just see our photo subjects as clients, but as an extension of our family. We count ourselves lucky to receive such amazing praise for the work we love to do.


This (album) proof looks FANTASTIC! What a beautiful book! You are really talented. I mean, we knew you were talented with the camera, but this layout was really stunning.
— Leslie Hodge
Being in front of a camera can probably feel awkward or overwhelming, but Jacqui makes it feel like you’re just spending time with a friend. She develops quick & easy rapport, genuine humor, and of course, gorgeous images that we will cherish forever.
— Spenser Beck
The pictures you took ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! I honestly can’t believe how many wonderful pictures there are in this album. It was such a cool experience reviewing them and reliving the day together.
— Cat Blakely
Other than my ugly mug in most of [the photos] I can’t really find a bad one in the lot. On top of all of this, I was pretty impressed at how you were able to control the families. I know mine can be a handful alone but you managed both with skill and authority, well done.
— Tommy Cullinan
I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for our beautiful photos of our wedding. Being someone who isn’t normally comfortable taking pictures, I was so grateful for your ability to not only put me at ease but dare I say enjoy our photo shoot!

My entire family was happy with the gorgeous albums as they had the more traditional portraits our parents desired but included some more artistic and stolen moments that I cherish more than you know.
— Heather D.