You've got questions. We've got answers. 

We know there can be a lot of questions as you prepare for your big event. We're here to make sure your special day is captured on film and everyone looks great! Here are some answers to the most common questions. 


Q: What should I wear to my portrait session? 

style:  It is best to wear simple solid-color clothing.  This allows for the focus to be on you and your family’s faces rather than on your clothing.  Long sleeves, or elbow-length sleeves, long pants, or knee-length skirts or dresses are generally the most flattering for women.  Make sure your clothes fit well and are freshly pressed.  For black and white portraits in the studio, I recommend dark jeans/pants with a dark top. 

coordinating: Portraits look best when everyone is wearing similarly toned colors.  This way no one stands out against the others.  This does not necessarily mean to wear the same color! Just as long as the tones are similar and coordinate one person will not draw attention away from the rest. 

avoid: Please avoid (like the plague) big stripes, plaid, bold large patterns, or logos.  These patterns will only draw the eye away from the faces and to the clothes themselves.  White/khaki pants and skirts on adults tend to make them look heavier and show any imperfections.  

babies, toddlers, children: Young children should be dressed in soft clothing.  Please stay away from stiff fabrics like denim.  Fun, cute outfits can be a great look and showcase the child’s personality.  I prefer to photograph babies and young children barefooted.  

Q: How far in advance do I need to book?

Commercial photos: Generally speaking, commercial shoots take place during the week and can be booked up to a week in advance. Our full time team of photographers have their weekdays open for these types of shoots.  

Wedding Photography:  Ideally, the step after picking a date and venue. With only 52 weekends a year available the odds that busy vendors will be booked on your weekend starts getting high. This percentage just getting smaller during wedding and event season (end of August-beginning of November).  Most wedding clients will book us 6-12 months out. That said, always ask!  

Engagement/Family Shoot Photography: Engagement, casuals, boudoir, and family shoots all happen during the week. We will first put two dates on the calendar for outdoor shoots. That way, depending on weather, we have a back up plan.  

Sleeping Newborn Session:  When you are 7 months pregnant. Sleeping newborn sessions will only be done within the first seven days of them being born.  Put your deposit down for the shoot a few month out from their due date. When you go into labor, have it be one of your labor activities to send us a text or email to let us know. Once you come home from the hospital, we will get you in ASAP.   If the seven day window is missed, you have two options. Once to make it a lifestyle session with the whole family or to wait until your son or daughter is just sitting on their own (about 7 months).  


Q: Do I need to source an out-of-studio location or can you find one for me?  

Both.  Together, you and your photographer will discuss the type and feel of photos you are looking for.  We want your input!  If the shoot is for an engagement session, let's pick a place that is meaningful to you two as a couple.  Was your fist kiss at the Georgetown waterfront?  Did you fall in love while living in an old neighborhood?  

For family shoots, we recommend parks or fields.  We will work with you on choosing the right one for your portrait session.  

If the memorials or a permit only location is chosen, you are required to procure the necessary paperwork and permits.   

Q: Our event is out of you travel?

We sure do!  Package prices stay the same.  We just ask you to cover travel expenses.